Article Search Engines (3)

10 Facts About Search Engines

As you well know, getting a good listing on the search engines can really help get some good, quality traffic to your site. I’m still trying to learn all this tech stuff, Misha, so I thank you for enlightening me about how Google works. I’ve never used Google search engine very much – always Yahoo, and been very happy with it. But, I did get a gmail account for HubPages and it’s definitely better than my Yahoo accounts – which I’ve had for years. Google is a serious force on the www, but they have been doing some crazy updates with their algo over the last few months.

The search engine will then be able to scan through the content and be able to rank the most relevant content and therefore the most relevant website. In order to rank high for the customer to actually click the website link it is very important for any website to have content that is search friendly. In other words all the websites which look for seo attracting a decent visitor share must incorporate search engine optimization and make their website content web friendly. This helps the customers in finding the website that is relevant to their search and at the same time it helps the websites in attracting the right and more number of visitors who are relevant to what the website engines

Whenever, I do not like how my websites rank in the search engines, I sprinkle my magic fairy dust on my modem. If you don’t like where you are ranked in the search engines, then I suggest you forego the search engine optimization companies altogether and instead run over to the corner store to get your own magic fairy dust. Bill Platt has been involved with link building ( -services/ ) since 1999 for his own promotion and for search engine marketing purposes, and he has been doing it professionally for clients since 2001.

This section shows the pages that Google thinks are most relevant to our particular search terms. The text is the exact text that appears between the title tags ( ) on the page that the search result links to. Notice how keywords from our search query have been highlighted. Unlike the above link, which links to the domain that the page is on, this link takes us to the cached version of the page that Google has stored on its server.

Having an investment will bring you high return later on. Having SEO from a good SEO Company with analytic data, you will see various keywords with good conversation rates wherein you will rank on page 2 of Google and you know that you are spending money on it. Making you rank higher to no. 3 or 3 on page 1, where a lot of clicks go can provide you with a big return on investment or ROI.

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